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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Why is an article needed in “café au lait”, but not in “verre à vin”?

Some meanings of the preposition à require the definite article, others don’t.

  • café au lait = coffee containing milk
  • visite à l’américaine = American-style visit
  • larmes aux yeux = tears at the eyes


  • verre à vin = glass for wine
  • bar à vins = bar for wine

Generally speaking, if you’d translate as for (i.e. if à expresses a purpose, a destination), then there is no article. Another case where there is no article is if à expresses a method — note that the distinction between method and ingredients (which do take an article) can occasionally be subtle. Objects made of distinguishable parts generally fall under the method case — the ingredients case is mostly for mixtures.

  • bateau à vapeur = boat that operates with steam
  • bateau à voile = boat that operates with a sail, boat one of whose parts is a sail
  • verre à pied = glass one of whose parts is a stem


  • verre de vin = glass of wine, glass containing wine
  • planche de bois = plank entirely made of wood


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What is the capital of Tunisia?