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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Exact meaning of “arrondie au plus près”

The phrase arrondi au plus près is short for “arrondi à la valeur la plus proche”, which means “rounded to nearest”. The expected answer when the distance to the previous value is the same as the distance to the next is left unspecified.

In this case, “arrondi à l’unité la plus proche” would have been less ambiguous. Arrondir à la dixaine (tens), à la centaine (hundreds), au dixième (tenths), etc. are different possibilities.

Note: rounded up is “arrondi par excès” or “arrondi à la valeur supérieure” and rounded down is “arrondi par défaut” or “arrondi à la valeur inférieure”.

There are three ways to “round up” :

  • ceiling (1,458 -> 1,46): “arrondi à la valeur supérieure”
  • floor (1,458 -> 1,45): “arrondi à la valeur inférieure” or “troncature”,
  • nearest (1,458 -> 1,46), (1,452 -> 1,45) “arrondi à la valeur la plus proche” or simply “arrondi”.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?