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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Difference between “réveiller” and “éveiller”?

They can be interchangeable at times, not always. Here’s a good attempt at defining the difference :

Éveiller, c’est tirer normalement du sommeil (…) Réveiller, c’est
aussi éveiller, mais en faisant quelque effort inhabituel pour faire
cesser le sommeil


(Very approximative translation: Éveiller is to draw someone out of their sleep, réveiller is also to draw someone out of their sleep, but with uncommon effort to break sleepiness.)

I think in all literal senses réveiller could always be used, but not éveiller.
I would say indifferently: « je dors mal, je me réveille souvent la nuit / Je m’éveille souvent la nuit ».

But I would say un bruit à réveiller les morts (“a noise that would awaken the dead”), and I would not say éveiller here.

Éveiller will be more easily used in the figurative sense. See the song Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille. And in that example, it gives a poetical touch that réveiller wouldn’t have.
Éveiller will also be used in the sense of create/engender ( a feeling for example): « La vue de ce tableau a éveillé en moi une immense tristesse »

We’d say of a child « il est bien éveillé pour son âge » (“He’s bright for his age”) and we would not say that he’s « bien réveillé » in that case.

(Réponse qui est loin d’être complète, la question a éveillé en moi des tas de réflexions que je vais ruminer. This answer is far from complete, the question engendered lots of thoughts that I have to ponder about.)


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What is the capital of Tunisia?