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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Two consecutive adverbs: Why do you need to say “tout de suite mieux” rather than “mieux tout de suite”?

The first adverb modifies the second one, so the two sentences have slightly different meanings.

Mieux comprendre = to better understand

On comprend mieux = one understands better

On comprend tout de suite mieux = right away, one understands better

On the other hand:

Comprendre tout de suite = to understand right away

On comprend tout de suite = one understands right away

On comprend mieux tout de suite = one understands better right away [than at another time]

With this sentence, "tout de suite mieux" is probably the one that makes sense, but here’s another sentence in which the opposite would work:

Dépêche-toi, ça se mange mieux tout de suite.

Hurry up, it’s better when you eat it right away.

Note putting the second adverb between commas can change the meaning. In such a situation the adverb might modify the entire sentence:

On comprend mieux, tout de suite, pourquoi c’est arrivé.

= Tout de suite, on comprend mieux pourquoi c’est arrivé.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?