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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Note values in music terminology

Plural mark is indicated between parenthesis


A “note” is “une note”, plural “des notes”.

  • breve/carrée
    Breve: carrée(s) n.f. (seldom used, I just discovered it)
  • semibreve/ronde
    Semibreve (whole note): ronde(s) n.f.
  • minim/blanche
    Minim (half note): blanche(s) n.f
  • crotchet/noire
    Crotchet (quarter note): noire(s) n.f.
  • quaver/croche
    Quaver (eight note): croche(s) n.f.
  • semiquaver/double croche
    Semiquaver (sixteenth note): double(s) croche(s) n.f.
  • demisemiquaver/triple croche Demisemiquaver (32nd note): triple(s) croche(s) n.f.
  • Hemidemisemiquaver (64th note): quadruple(s) croche(s) n.f.

And so on, quintuple(s) croche(s), sextuple(s) croche(s), …

In “double croche”, “triple croche”, etc., the term “croche” is often dropped if it already appeared in the same rhythm. “A dotted quaver—semiquaver”, e.g., is referred to as “une croche pointée-double”, seldom as “une croche pointée-double croche”.


A “rest” is “un silence”, plural “des silences”.

  • Breve rest: double(s) pause(s) n.f. or bâton(s) de pause n.m.
  • semibreve rest/pause
    Semibreve rest (whole rest): pause(s) n.f.
  • minim rest/demi-pause
    Minim rest (half rest): demi-pause(s) n.f.
  • crotchet rest/soupir
    Crotchet rest (quarter rest): soupir(s) n.m.
  • quaver rest/demi-soupir
    Quaver rest (eight rest): demi-soupir(s) n.m.
  • semiquaver rest/quart de soupir
    Semiquaver rest (sixteenth rest): quart(s) de soupir n.m.
  • demisemiquaver rest/huitième de soupir
    Demisemiquaver rest (32nd rest): huitième(s) de soupir n.m.
  • Hemidemisemiquaver rest (64th rest): seizième(s) de soupir n.m.

And so on, trente-deuxième(s) de soupir, soixante-quatrième(s) de soupir, …


There is no general term to designate a tuplet. Tuplet, in french, are all masculine.

  • Duplet: duolet(s) n.m.
  • Triplet: triolet(s) n.m.
  • Quadruplet: quartolet(s) n.m.
  • Quintuplet: quintolet(s) n.m.
  • Sextuplet (or whatever term you prefer): sextolet(s) n.m.
  • Septuplets: septolet(s) n.m.

“Triplet quavers” are “un triolet de noires”.

Dotted notes

The dot itself is called “point (de prolongation)”. A “double dot” is “un double point”; “triple dote”, “triple point”.

A “dotted crotchet” is a “noire pointée”; “double pointed semibreve” is “blanche double-pointée”; “triple-dotted breve” would be “ronde triple-pointée”.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?