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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Meaning of “vu et archirevu”

It is a repetition. It means “again and again“. Your sentence could be translated like this :

Italy and all its beauties, seen again and again.

Moreover it is normal that you do not find “archirevu” because it is not one word but two. It is not “archirevu” (which does not exist in French) but “archi revu“.

archi- is a prefix used to indicate something pushed to its limits, going further the usual meaning.

Its use is rather colloquial today, but it still remains in some words, mainly in religious/noble titles : archevêque (archbishop), archiduc (archduke), archiprêtre (archpriest)…

In your context, archirevu would mean exactly what you guessed, seen again and again. Some other common colloquial uses are archicomble / archiplein (meaning a place is full over the top), archifaux (something totally wrong), archiconnu (extremely well-known)


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What is the capital of Tunisia?