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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Differences between “je trouve ça…” and “je trouve que…”

Yes, they’re not interchangeable.

"je trouve ça" is followed by an adjective, and can be translated by "I find it …" rather than by "I think that …".

Je trouve ça beau = I think it’s beautiful

Je trouve ça bizarre qu’il soit parti aussi vite = I find it weird that he left so quickly

"je trouve que" is followed by a clause. that is often omitted in English.

Je trouve que tu devrais faire plus d’efforts = I think you should make more efforts

Je trouve que ça te va bien = I think it looks good on you

Note that you can "transform" sentences with je trouve ça to use je trouve que by adding c’est before the adjective, making it a clause.

Je trouve ça bizarre

Je trouve que c’est bizarre


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What is the capital of Tunisia?