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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Use of “chez” with a family name?

Short way to distinguish these :

« Je vais chez les Henderson. » would mean that you’ll visit the Henderson family at their home.

« Je vais chez Henderson. » would mean that you’re going to a shop or a store named like that.

You are right, Aerovistae. You have the correct answer.

Je vais chez Henderson. = you’re visiting someone whom you call Henderson
Je vais chez les Henderson. = you’re visiting the Hendersons (i.e. the Henderson family)

In general case you are right

  • Chez Henderson means in Henderson’s house
  • Chez les Hendersons means at the Hendersons

But chez Henderson could also mean in the Henderson family, mainly for old people. For example

Comment ils vont chez Henderson ?


How are the Hendersons?


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What is the capital of Tunisia?