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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Passer as an intransitive verb

Many intransitive verbs may be constructed with the proposition à, where this does not represent the DATIVE, but some other idea, such as motion to, direction of thoughts, etc. Cf.

Il dit aux femmes de rester en bas. He told the women to remain below.

Elle lui ressemblait. She resembled him.

Peut-on résister à ce pouvoir ? Can one resist this power?

(all of them dative constructions)

with verbs of motion constructing with non-dative à

Il va à l’église. He goes to the church.

Elle y courut. She ran to it.

L’enfant est venu à moi. The child came to me.

À is also not dative after, for example, comparer à, être à, habituer à, faire attention à.

Ce livre est à moi. Il ne fait aucune attention à eux.

A number of French verbs are constructed with non-dative à, whose English equivalents take a direct object or some other preposition.

arriver à, parvenir à, jouer à, penser à, songer à, manquer à,
renoncer à, etc.

But à with verbs of motion when used figuratively is dative.*

L’idée leur vint. The idea came to them.

Cette robe lui va. That dress suits her.

See also the comment of @Luke Sawczak


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What is the capital of Tunisia?