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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Exclamation (You don’t know how serious he can become)

Je traduirais par:

  1. Qu’il fait beau aujourd’hui !
  2. Tu ne sais pas à quel point il peut devenir sérieux.
  3. Tu n’imagines pas tous les ravages qu’il peut provoquer.
  4. Quel bon voyage !

Main question

Actually, most of the examples you gave translate almost as is.

How beautiful today is !
Qu’il fait beau aujourd’hui !

You don’t know how serious he can become.
Tu ne sais pas à quel point il peut être/devenir sérieux.

You can’t imagine how much havoc he can cause.
Tu n’imagines pas les dégâts qu’il peut causer.

What a great trip!
Quel bon voyage !

Side question

You do shorten que il as qu’il, always. This is difficult to articulate otherwise. When you have a pronounced e before another vowel sound, it always disappears.

I suggest you don’t accept this answer yet as it doesn’t meet my own quality standards. Either somebody will give more explanation, or I’ll come back.

Well, I’d first answer your side question: you have to shorten it. Que il is not correct. You have to use Qu’il.

So let me correct your different sentences:

  1. Qu’il fait beau aujourd’hui !
  2. Tu ne sais pas à quel point il peut devenir sérieux.
  3. Tu ne peux pas imaginer le chaos* qu’il peut causer.
  4. Quel beau voyage !

*I am not very sure of the meaning of havocs but you can probably translate it by le chaos or la confusion or les dégats.

Regarding sentence 2: how serious means how much serious which in French you would translate by à quel point. A closer English version would be You don’t know to what point (or to what extent) he can be serious.

Jumping to exclamations like your examples #2 and #3, where you want include the notion of “you don’t know how/to what point …,” I’d used:

“Tu [ne] peux pas savoir/imaginer … comme (ou à quel point) … (#2)il peut devenir serieux/(#3)il peut poser des problèmes!/il peut foutre le bordel!”

Back to #1, I’d say “Qu’il fait beau!” or « Qu’est-ce qu’il fait beau! » (I’m pretty sure that the « que il » would [nearly ?] always elide/contract to « qu’il » [because of ‘il’ starting with a vowel], whereas “que tu” [consonant] would not elide: “Que tu es belle/beau! ” or « Qu’est-ce que tu es beau/belle! »)

« LA GRAMMAIRE FLE POUR ÉTUDIANTS FINNOPHONES » covers pretty well French Conjonctions ou locutions exclamatives, although I don’t see the use of « Quel/quelle » mentioned, which is what I would use to say your #4 « Quel voyage super. »


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What is the capital of Tunisia?