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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Science or technology related resources to learn French

Let me at least try to give some pointers (I will append if I find more ideas)…

First, replay TV (some sites might check your geographical origin, but a proxy might fix it).
Arte (French-German channel) has Arte+7 replay with many kinds of documentaries, sometimes related to scientific issues, as well as a recurring one, X:enius revolving around scientific/societal subjects, which you might enjoy.
Also try France 4 (for documentaries and cartoons, most for kids, some a little more mature) or France 5 (many documentaries) on Pluzz.

I also found Lapin.org with comics strips, it has XKCD in French but also other stuff.

You could take a look at “FUN” (please don’t laugh, it’s actually France Université Numérique :- ) for some MOOCs, they have many subjects, hopefully you could find some of interest.

If you are interested in sciences and have a correct level, I higly recommend Sur les épaules de Darwin, a weekly science radio broadcast. It is intended for neophytes, so technical vocabulary is always explained. It gets a bit lyrical sometimes which may or may not be an issue, but the speaker has the best voice I know, is always very clear and the broadcasts are always entertaining.

If you are interested in Maths, check out Denis Guedj’s books, in the same vein.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?