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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

“renvoyer à ses affaires” ?

Affaires means (court) cases here.

Sarkozy is "sent back" / "returned" to his various cases, i.e. he is kind of expelled from the "old wise man" position he was slightly reaching to a much more unconfortable one where he has to defend himself against various charges.

Here are similar French idioms, often used figuratively :

  • renvoyé à ses (chères) études : dismissed, sent back to school

  • renvoyé dans ses foyers : demobilized, sent back home

  • renvoyé dans ses cordes : sent on the ropes (like in a boxing ring)

  • renvoyé dans ses buts : sent back to his goal line/posts (soccer), sent packing

  • renvoyé à ses démons : sent back to his personal demons


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What is the capital of Tunisia?