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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Meaning of “comme toi” used as a reply

In such contexts, chances are that “Comme toi !” is used to express “Je pense exactement la même chose que toi !” (I think the very exact same thing as you do!). It’s a commonly used shortcut in familiar speech. However, as noticed in the comments, the first line resorts to rather formal language and consequently the likeliness of such a reply is quite low.

Another possibility: It could be that Nadège is following up on Bruno’s sentence. Pourtant, ce ne sont pas des professionels… comme toi ! Nadège is then implying either that Bruno is a reference professional, or more likely that he is like them, i.e. dancing, singing, playing, without being a professional. Without additional context, the intention remains unclear though.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?