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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Writing complex date recurrence in French

Pour la première expression, je dirais :

Tous les quatrième vendredi de chaque mois.

Pour la deuxième :

Les premiers lundi et mardi de janvier et février, une année sur deux.

There are different ways to say it but depending on the context, some will fit better than others. I wrote some ways here below.

The first sentence:

Chaque quatrième vendredi du mois. (Each fourth Friday of the month)

Tous les quatrièmes vendredi du mois. (Every fourth Fridays of the month)

Le quatrième vendredi de chaque mois. (The fourth Friday of each month)

The second sentence:

Chaque premier lundi et mardi de janvier et février, tous les deux ans.

But because we precise for which months and one year out of two, I prefer the following version:

Les premiers lundi et mardi de janvier et février, un an sur deux.

Note that "un an sur deux" (one year out of two) and "tous les deux ans" (every two years) are interchangeable.

Because of some points you cannot keep these translations. Here are several clues to correct them, knowing that they have to be generated. Toto has given best answers for the specific cases you presented, that are more nicely formulated.
Here are the errors in Google Translate :

  • With days, on cannot be translated by sur. For example :

    I play tennis on Monday.

    Je joue au tennis le lundi.


    On the 1st Monday

    Le 1er lundi

  • There are two different translations, for singular & plural

    Singular :

    Every 1 month

    Chaque mois

    Plural :

    Every X months

    Tous les X mois

  • If you have several days, you have to mark plural :

    Every 2 years on the 1st Monday & Tuesday of January & February.

    Tous les deux ans LES 1ers lundis et mardis de janvier et février.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?