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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

When renting an apartment what does T4 stand for?

Yes it does.

To be more specific, this is the number of rooms in which you can live: the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets are not included in that number, but only the rooms and the living and dining room(s). A “dressing” doesn’t count either unless it meets the requirement of a “main room”, according to this article.

This number should also include at least one room. For example you cannot have just a living room and a bathroom as a room is mandatory.

The number counts the rooms where one can live: bedrooms and the (aptly named) living room; ‘T’ stands for ‘type’. You can also find ‘F’ instead of ‘T’, there is no difference.

Rooms “for living” must fill some criteria to qualify as such: minimum area (I believe 9m²), a minimum height and a at least one window. If the room has no window (dark or open), or is too small, it doesn’t count, and can only be advertised as a storage space (often called “cellier” or “loggia”). Also mandatory are a separate bathroom, and kitchen and toilets, both of which may or may not be separate from, respectively, a regular room and the bathroom.

You might in very rare cases also get a large “dark room” (“pièce aveugle”), without window, suitable to be used as a study/computer room, but which can only be advertised as a storage space. So a T1 might give you 4 rooms in total (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, “storage space”). (I actually had a 60m² T2 with a similar arrangement–very comfy.)

Also, some “wide” living rooms (>20m²) will be advertised as two rooms. So a T3 might only get you 3 rooms (large living room with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom).

Note that a ‘T1’ and a ‘studio’ are not the same thing:

  • TI : one kitchen, one bathroom, one room;

  • Studio: one bathroom, kitchen and bedroom in the same space (“cuisine américaine”).


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What is the capital of Tunisia?