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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What’s the translation of “tracker” as in “Covid-19 vaccination tracker” in French?

Tracker is sometimes used as is in French, and often pronounced like traqueur.

If you want something more French, suivi would be close:

Logiciel de suivi des vaccinations contre le covid-19.


Site de suivi des vaccinations…

The government site about it is precisely using Suivi de la vaccination (3rd tab).

Suivi is more like "tracking" but unfortunately, suiveur (closer to "tracker") wouldn’t work well here.

Note that French has a verb semantically closer to the verb "to track", pister but only used when the location of something is tracked. Pister means suivre à la trace (from piste = track).

Pister les vaccinations wouldn’t make much sense but pister les déplacements d’un super-contaminateur (track a super-spreader) or pister un animal (track an animal) would. There is also dépister that means find the evidence of the presence of something (to screen): Dépister le covid-19.

In a broader way, the Merriam-Webster lists the following meanings for the verb "to track":

1 a: to follow the tracks or traces of : TRAIL
   b: to search for by following evidence until found track down the source
2 a: to follow by vestiges : TRACE
   b: to observe or plot the moving path of (something, such as a spacecraft or missile) often instrumentally
3 a: to carry (mud or other material) on the feet and deposit
tracking mud into the kitchen
   b: to make tracks upon
4: to keep track of (something, such as a trend) : FOLLOW
5: to travel over : TRAVERSE track a desert

Here are French verbs close to each acceptation:

1 pister, suivre à la trace, prendre en filature
2 suivre, (tracer)
3 laisser des traces (de son passage)
4 suivre
5 traverser

None of them really match faire l’état des lieux which, being more static, doesn’t convey well the evolving/moving meaning of track.

Finally, both Google translate and DeepL (the best online translation service so far) currently translate "Covid-19 vaccination tracker" to Suivi de la vaccination Covid-19 (DeepL) (Google). Reverso gives Outil de suivi de la vaccination contre la Covid-19 which is a little verbose but not bad anyway as it properly carry the meaning of tool while suivi is not the tool but what the tool achieves.

Although I agree with jilliagre’s answer, I would like to point out that there is a more appropriate phrase in French for this kind of tracking. This is « état des lieux », as in « état des lieux des vaccinations en France ». The phrase « état des lieux » means « current state of affairs ». This is not a translation of « tracker » because there is not an exact one.

Also please read my comment under jilliagre’s answer regarding the use of suivre or suivi as a translation of track. Track is not a perfect synonym of follow.

Below is an example of an official (French ministry of health) document:

Etat des lieux de la couverture vaccinale en France


The two answers you have are very good, but which one is appropriate depends on the kind of data you want to show.

Suivi is dynamic – you show how something changed in time. Suivi des vaccinations means "How many shots were done in time".

Etat des lieux is static: it is a number. Etat des lieux de la couverture vaccinale shows where we are today, without information on how we came there (if you look at the linked PDF it shows just that)


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What is the capital of Tunisia?