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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What’s the translation of “hoon” in French?

That can be a chauffard or an amateur de rodéos urbains.

As vc74 stated, there is also a emerging idiom describing this behavior, although not limited to a driving context, kéké, possibly from the provençal càcou / quècou and their first variant kèk/cake, all still used in south-eastern France to mean frimeur / fanfaron. It’s sometimes written kakou too.

A couple of examples:

Chauffard doesn’t necessarily imply "to show off" so we can also say un chauffard qui se la pète / …qui fait le malin.

There is also the word un m’as-tu-vu (thanks @Laurent S.) that also means a show off leading to a possible un chauffard m’as-tu-vu.

I am a native from South East France. A kéké or cacou has nothing to do with chauffard or driving in general. It’s used to design a male show-off, someone who will do everything to impress those around him, especially girls. A kéké often tries to pass off for a bad guy just to be seen as as cool and virile.

Je ne vois pas de traduction directe pour un comportement peu répandu en France. Je traduirais par une périphrase du genre

  • Avec sa voiture, il fait le mariole pour épater la galerie
  • Un fou du volant (expression un peu datée)

San-Antonio ou Audiard auraient certainement fait mieux 🙂


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What is the capital of Tunisia?