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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What purpose does the word “bien” serve in this context?

Yes you are right. It is an emphasis and also showing positivity of the upcoming action.

You can translate it as : “Here is a good start to become knight”.

I think here the correct gramatical form is “participe passé”.

Bien here is an adverb. It precises the verb.

CNRTL says here: http://cnrtl.fr/definition/bien so well is exactly that.

En rapport avec certains critères d’appréciation individuels ou
collectifs; d’une manière exactement adéquate à l’idée ou à l’effet
attendu(e), propre à recevoir l’approbation:

partis is OK. It is exactly a participe passé, You could say also:

Nous sommes bien arrivés.

Nous sommes très attendus.

Yes it is an emphasis and for example instead of saying ” Merci beaucoup” you can say also “Merci bien”


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What is the capital of Tunisia?