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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What is the syntactic structure of “Béatrix enfant”

I would say it means “Béatrix lorsqu’elle était enfant” or “Béatrix quand elle était enfant“.

Technically, I would call it a “nom épithète“: a noun (here “enfant”) works as an adjective. Examples can be found here:

  • date limite,
  • jupe ballon,
  • roman-fleuve,
  • carte réseau,
  • chandail mode,
  • sauce pesto

Or here:

  • bénéfice record

Or here:

  • tartes maison
  • robe chocolat

All these examples cannot take a comma, while “Béatrix, enfant, …” is possible. I cannot explain why, but here is an example where it also works with a comma (source):

  • son père, médecin, …


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What is the capital of Tunisia?