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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What is the right context to use the term “vis a vis”?

‘vis-à-vis’ is more about two things, the meaning is very similar to ‘par rapport’ but is more used for confrontation between two things:

"Quant à la question de la dépréciation de l’euro vis-à-vis du dollar, soulevée par l’autre partie intéressée, il est admis […] "

"With regard to the issue of the depreciation of the euro against the dollar raised by the other interested party, it was […]"

Here ‘vis-à-vis’ confronts the Euro and the Dollar but ‘Par rapport’ could have been used too.

In addition to Tim’s answer I would like to say that vis-à-vis could also be used in housing context.

un appartement sans vis-à-vis

means an apartment with no other apartment in front of it

In addition to the above answers, it’s important to note that when followed by a noun, it’s vis-à-vis de in French, whereas in English it’s just “vis-à-vis” (or “vis-a-vis”).

Quelle est notre position vis-à-vis de ces développements ?

What is our position vis-a-vis these developments?


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What is the capital of Tunisia?