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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

What is the correct word for “the inside of humans soul”?

As is, it doesn’t mean what you think, since les entrailles means literally the guts. If you want a translation, I have several propositions:

  • try could be rendered as essaie, tente or vise à
  • capture as appréhender, restituer, retranscrire or simply capturer
  • the inside as les profondeurs or les tréfonds
  • the human soul as l’esprit humain, l’âme humaine

I would go for

Le naturalisme vise à appréhender les profondeurs de l’âme humaine.

Sticking to your description “réalisme is trying to capture and describe the story that is happening inside the characters, rather than the actual events”, I would suggest the following:

Le Réalisme s’attache à restituer la psyché des personnages.

Now, if you really think of this as “capturing the inside of human soul”, you might consider something less prosaic. Maybe the following:

Le Réalisme entend reproduire les dimensions intérieures de l’être.

« Spleen » ça se peut ?

Le beau est toujours bizarre.
— Baudelaire

Sinon, je dirais

Le naturalisme tente d’expliquer l’âme de l’être humaine.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?