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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Understanding “qu’il pourrait lui arriver malheur d’avoir été désobéissante”

You are correct in suspecting that there is no real subject. The construction “Il pourrait arriver [quelque chose]” is similar to “il pleut”, “il y a”, in that the subject “il” exists only to satisfy the grammatical need for a subject.

This dummy placeholder is always “il”; never feminine, never plural.

“Il pourrait [lui] arriver” can be followed by a number of objects, such as “malheur”, “une bricole” (meaning something minor but annoying), “quelque chose {de bien, de désagréable, …}”, and even “une bonne chose” but “joie” and even “bonheur” seem very strange. I think the construction is very set and does not admit much variation. Any variation would depend on “quelque chose”: “quelque chose de …” or “quelque chose qui …”


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What is the capital of Tunisia?