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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

The meaning of “on nya répond”?

The speaker said “Tu te poses des questions ? Nous, on y répond !“,
which could be translated as : “You’re asking yourselves questions ? We answer them !

Let’s divide the sentences :

  • Tu te poses des questions ? (You’re asking yourselves questions ?)

Here, the formal way of saying it would be “Te poses-tu des questions ?” (Are you asking yourselves questions ?), but in spoken language you will probably never hear this form (even with my boss or my teachers it would be too formal !).
If you want to be formal, consider using “Vous vous posez des questions ?”)

Note that if you didn’t hear the te, it’s because he didn’t pronounce the e, which is pretty common in spoken language (literally : tu t’poses des questions ?)

  • Nous, on y répond ! (We answer them !)

The speaker could have simply said “On y répond“, but this would have been too neutral. “Nous,” adds some empathy to the sentence (once again pretty common thing in spoken language !)

For example : On parle français (neutral) –> Nous, on parle français (emphatic)


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What is the capital of Tunisia?