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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

“Tastes great warm too!”

Your first idea is usable as it is. Let’s see the possible variants :

(I assumed that in your case, the cold way is the normal way to have this beverage)

Se consomme/boit également chaud (rather neutral)

Peut aussi être consommé/bu/pris chaud (a bit less formal than the first)

A essayer chaud / A essayer chaud (slightly playful)

Servez-le froid ou… chaud ! (playful)

And if you don’t need to be laconic, you can even introduce these with something like Pour varier les plaisirs, …

(and I didn’t want to "steal" Archa’s suggestion in his/her comment, but it also seems a good variant to me)

Well, taking off from what we see on some drinks cans, se boit frais ou chaud ?


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What is the capital of Tunisia?