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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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French (online) dictionary equivalent to dictionary.cambridge.org/ (classification of words according to their level: A1, A2, etc.)

Not exactly what I want but still quite helpful: https://www.bonjourdefrance.co.uk/learn-french-online/vocabulary/exercices-intermediate# I think there is not a site like online Cambridge dictionary for French language. https://www.cnrtl.fr/portail/ comes close but does not provide such a classification. And its vocabulary has not been ...

Usage du verbe “troller”

Oui, le verbe "troller" est employé couramment en France. C’est un néologisme qui est l’equivalent de "to troll" en anglais: Troller: créer artificiellement une controverse qui focalise l’attention, aux dépens des échanges et de l’équilibre habituel de la communauté Référence: ...