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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Should I translate academic designations given after a name (earned in English) into French?

Yes, but only if the title has an official translation. For example, in that case the title exists in French (in Quebec at least): “Bachelier ès Éducation”. The acronym becomes “B.Éd.”.

In the case the title does not have a translation (which I cannot find examples of), I would not change it.

1- “ès” est un raccourci pour “en les” ; comme pourrait-il être suivi d’un singulier ?

2- La question est singulièrement complexe pour les titres non universitaires, qui eux ont à peu près des équivalents (certains trompeurs : B.S. est Bachelor in Surgery, et LL.D. Legum Doctor).
Mais comment traduire (sans expliquer par une périphrase) : “The Right Honorable John Smith, D.S.O., C.V.O., M.O.H.” ?

In French, we just usually don’t put qualifications behind names. The only exception I can think of is on business card, but then again abbreviation are rare : if you need to do it, just write the whole thing down.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?