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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

She wants… = “Elle en veut…”?

In this context, en, just like the English “one” you used, is a nicer way to repeat “the book”.

You could totally say “elle a déjà un livre, mais elle veut un nouveau livre”, which is correct grammatically and very understandable.

However, the repetition is something one would like to avoid, for it is clearly not subtle. That is why, just like other groupes pronominaux can be replaced by le, la or les, you can replace un nouveau livre by en.

In case you are interested by further information about the use of en and its “grammatical properties” (in this context – please note en is a very used word in French and has a lot of meanings and uses for it covers a wide range of roles in the sentence) :

Hope I could help !


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What is the capital of Tunisia?