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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

S’envoler vs. envoler

The word envoler is only used as a reflexive verb, so envoler alone is never used and does not mean anything on its own. Yet, from the root envol-, it will be obvious to a native speaker that it is a verb used to express an action of flying away.

There is however one usage where it is used without the reflexive pronoun: in a truncated form without an auxiliary, as past participle, in a usage that is close to an interjection. Then the meaning is "flown away", or metaphorically "suddenly gone".

Les oiseaux ne sont plus là: envolés !

On m’a volé mon portefeuille: je l’avais déposé là, et puis, hop ! Envolé !

You can also find a popular song named Envole-moi, by the famous French singer Jean-Jacques Goldman where he uses the verb envoler as a transitive, non-reflexive verb, but that is some sort of "poetic licence" and it is obvious that he uses it in the meaning of "to take away on a flight".

Envole-moi ! Envole-moi ! Loin de cette fatalité qui colle à ma peau…


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What is the capital of Tunisia?