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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Partitive X definite article

“Je veux d’argent” is ungrammatical.

“De l'” is used instead of “du” in front of words that begin with a vowel (“de l’or”, “de l’iridium”).

The definite article form would be “Je veux l’argent” (I want the money).

‘du’ is ‘de + le’. Thus, ‘du + argent’ is ‘de + le + argent’, which gives ‘de l’argent’.

‘d’argent’ would come from ‘de + argent’ (e.g. ‘jeu d’argent’).

Je veux l’argent que tu me dois.

Je veux de l’argent pour acheter une nouvelle voiture.


I want the money you owe me.

I want (some) money to buy a new car.

The partitive article (some) can be omitted in English. In French (du/de l’/des) is not omitted so.

Note also

Je  voudrais  du  pain->J’ai besoin de pain (avoir besoin de+du/de

Je voudrais de l’argent->J’ai besoin d’argent (argent is a masculine
word starting with a vowel).


J’ai besoin d’argent (besoin de+de la where de preposition and de la partitive article)


J’ai besoin de l’argent que tu me dois.

Here (avoir besoin) de (preposition) + de la (definite article) gives de l’ (du argent becomes de l’argent).


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What is the capital of Tunisia?