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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Over-thinker in French?

I’m french and for me overthinker is a way to describe somebody thinking to much. So when you say :

I know that I could say something like Je réfléchis trop (I think too
much), but I feel like it’s not as professional as saying I am an

I don’t understand how you can be professional with this word. According to this (in french). Overthinking is more like a disease than a professional asset.

I’m not sure how you can use this word in a positive way. In french, I will use Je pense trop (I’m thinking too much) but I will use it on a negative sense.

I’m French and during my English course we saw this word “overthinker” in our vocabulary list. The teacher said there was no actual translation for this word.

We would translate that as a “penseur” (which means thinker).

The answer by Dessauges Antoine is good and would be understood by a native spaaker.

To emphasize that thinking too much is a trait of character of yours (as is implied by using the adjective form, rather than "I’m overthinking"), you could construct something out of "J’ai tendance à …" (litt. "I have a tendency to …").

If you mean a broad attitude in life, I suggest:

J’ai tendance à compliquer les choses. — I tend to overthink things

which is slightly informal due to "chose".

If instead you are in a professional context and want to emphasize that you spend more time than necessary on the thinking part and not enough on the execution part, this would be my suggestion:

J’ai tendance à trop réfléchir. — I tend to think too much

J’ai tendance à trop réfléchir avant d’agir. — I tend to think too much before I act

Il m’arrive parfois de surlire. (Quand je comprends un propos implicite que l’auteur n’a pas mis.) C’est évidemment un défaut.

On connaît tous le surproduire des usines et le surcorriger de la langue. (des défauts aussi)

Si je n’ai jamais rencontré de surpenser, j’ai, en revanche, plusieurs fois rencontré


C’est évidemment un défaut pour Laura Trompette dans Hello. Et c’est bien là le sens de over-think.

Mais pas pour Merleau-Ponty qui l’utilise (certes entre guillemets), en opposition à irréfléchir pour ce qui concerne le dépassement de la perception sensible immédiate. Et ça… c’est du sport! Mais ça reste un devoir.

S’il fallait absolument éviter d’utiliser le mot anglais (ce que je trouve absurde, puisque "overthinker" est mieux), je dirais "suranalyseur" (suranalyser + analyseur).

Ça a le mérite d’être plutôt clair, même si ça peut laisser une connotation rationnelle (les asiles débordent d’overthinkers. Cela dit les analystes ne sont pas forcément les plus rationnels).

As Antoine Dessauges explained, the best traduction for "overthinking" would be "ressasser".

Otherwise "J'ai tendence à trop réfléchir" is very good too.

Also, "overthinker" doesn’t sound right.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?