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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Numbered lists with a name that can be sorted easily?

Yes, it is definitley acceptable:

Animaux – Liste 1

Moreover, "liste des animaux" is not appropriate, you would rather say:

Liste d’animaux

So you could definitly write:

Liste de vêtements 1

Liste de vêtements 2

Liste de verbes de base 1

Liste de verbes de base 2

Liste d’animaux 1

Liste d’animaux 2

Liste d’animaux 3

Also, with a little of programming you can display the list in which order you want, no? It does not have to be the alphabetic order.

Finally, if the context is clear enough, you can just write:

Animaux 1

Animaux 2

and so on…


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What is the capital of Tunisia?