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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

La difference entre « j’aime le fromage » et « j’aime du fromage »

“J’aime du fromage” would be translated as “I like some cheese”, which can be said in English, but usually the correct expression would be “I like cheese”.

In French, using “du”, “de la”, “des” with aimer usually won’t work when you try to designate something in general:

J’aime les filles → I like girls
J’aime les forêts → I like forests

If you want to express that you like some things of a ‘category’ and not all of them, you can use “certain(e)s”:

J’aime certains fromage → I like some (specific) cheeses
J’aime certaines boissons → I like some (specific) beverages

  • de / du / de la / des often mean “a part of something”. In this case, they are partitive articles.

The partitive article indicates an unknown quantity of something,
usually food or drink:

  • Je veux du lait. I want some milk.

  • Nous avons mangé de la glace. We ate some ice cream.

(Source: Partitive Articles and Indefinite Articles: De vs Du, De la, Des)

  • le, la means “something in whole”. If you love cheese in general, you say j’aime le fromage.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?