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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Je ne comprends pas « tu as que »

Literally, he said:

You just (have to=can) keep it given the fact you ripped it.

The meaning is more like:

Just keep it, you ripped it anyway.

Pour parler un peu de la grammaire, c’est un exemple de la construction ne…que mais à l’oral comme @Personne a dit dans un commentaire. Comme le ne a tendance à disparaître quand on parle, on peut dire :

T’as qu’à le garder vu que tu l’as déchiré.

pour exprimer

Tu n’as qu‘à le garder vu que tu l’as déchiré.

Ne…que veut dire "only" or "just". C’est la négation et la restriction.

Lorsque l’adverbe ne est suivi de la conjonction que, il indique une restriction et signifie « seulement ». (BDL)

On peut traduire la phrase en "Since you tore it, all you have to do is keep it." ou "Just keep it (you only have to keep it) since you ripped it." En effet, c’est "All you have to do now is keep it seeing as how you ripped it."

To touch on the grammar, this is a spoken example of the construction ne…que. It is a negative restrictive construction where instead of pas, que means "only" or "just."

The ne is often glossed over in spoken French, so it’s common to hear what you heard without the ne. With it, and written, the sentence is:

Tu n’as qu‘à le garder vu que tu l’as déchiré.

Other possible translations: "You only have to keep it since you’ve ripped it." and "Seeing as how you tore it, just keep it."

Collins gives the following on ne…que:

ne … que
(= seulement) only

Il ne boit que de l’eau. He only drinks water.

Je ne l’ai vu qu’une fois. I’ve only seen him once.

See also: How to emphasise different parts of a phrase using “ne … que”?


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What is the capital of Tunisia?