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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Is “tellement” (without “que”) a conjunction?

Tellement may have have three uses:

  1. Adverb of degree
  2. Quantifiers modifying noun
  3. In conjuctive clauses (tellement…que)

As an adverb tellement means so, so much. It is synonyme of tant.


As a quantifier of a noun it can be used as the following phrase:

Nous eûmes tellement de problèmes que nous décidâmes de nous séparer
(We had so many problems that we decided to split up)

Conjecutive subordinate clauses mark the consequences of something and are introduced by various expressions, all of which mean so that and among them it belongs tellement…que. For instance,

J’ai été tellement blessée par des gens que je prenais pour des amis
qu’aujourd’hui je suis méfiante. (I’he been hurt so much by people I thought were friends that nowadays I’m suspicious.)

Tellement is modifying the second independent clause in your examples. It is used as a conjunction introducing a cause, like parce que, car

This usage is documented in the TLFi:

C. − [Introd. une causale, la causalité étant suggérée par une simple juxtaposition] Je serais certain de t’y conduire les yeux fermés, tellement je connais les moindres chemins de traverse (Zola, Débâcle, 1892, p. 480).Il ne savait plus s’il existait seulement, tellement toute sa personne était supprimée (Ramuz, Gde peur mont., 1926, p. 233).

It shouldn’t be confused with tellement … que which introduces a consequence, not a cause.

I’m not a grammar expert but I am French so I’ll try to explain with my own words.

You can reverse the 2 clauses of the sentence depending of whether you use “tellement” or “tellement que”. Eg:

  • J’en tremblais tellement ça me faisait du bien.
  • Ca me faisais tellement du bien que j’en tremblais

In the two cases it means: It was so good that I was shaking.

  • La jeune femme tremblait tellement elle avait froid.
  • La jeune femme avait tellement froid qu’elle tremblait

The young woman was so cold that she was shivering

Your third sentence seems unnatural to me as putting two “emphasizing” words in the same sentence (tellement and incroyablement) is just too much. So you could say:

  • Ses parents sont restés sans voix, c’était incroyablement délicieux.
  • Ses parents sont restés sans voix tellement c’était délicieux.
  • C’était tellement délicieux que ses parent sont restés sans voix.
    Translation: It was so delicious that her parent was amazed (“sans voix” is an expression, you don’t need to translate it litteraly)

To conclude:
There are 2 ways to use tellement in a sentence.
The first one is similar to the use of “so” in english:

  • C’est tellement …(adjective) que …(effect).
  • It’s so…(adjective) than …(effect).

This order is correct, but you can also say:

  • (effect)…tellement…(adjectiv)
    This way you put emphasis on the effect.


  • La jeune femme tremblait tellement elle avait froid.

In this sentence you put emphasis on the woman, you’re describing what happened to her.

  • La jeune femme avait tellement froid qu’elle tremblait.

Here you stress the fact it was so sooooo cold!

I hope it will help you!


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What is the capital of Tunisia?