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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Is it “peluche rêveuse” or “rêveuse peluche”?

I don’t think rêveur/rêveuse falls into any of the BANGS (Beauty, Age, Numbers, Goodness, and Size) categories of adjectives that would warrant its appearing before the noun. Peluche rêveuse sounds much more likely than rêveuse peluche.

Both seem correct, so this is not what you would call a “BANGS” case. In other words, the “rêveuse peluche” is more literary, although the other version is totaly correct.

The main important thing is the context: poetry, since a peluche is rêveuse. So you can be literary as pointed out by KO the typo. But

une rêveuse femme, un rêveur homme

are very unlikely out of this context. And un rêveur homme will not be used, even in poetry. Maybe un rêveur jeune homme. Or perhaps un rêveur, homme, … with very lonnnnng commas 😉


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What is the capital of Tunisia?