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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How would I convert an arbitrary noun to a verb?

In most cases, adding er does the job.

— Tu me donneras des nouvelles quand tu seras en voyage ?
— Oui, j’aurai un PC, on pourra se “skyper”.

However, this approach is prone to engender barbarisms (Faute contre le langage soit dans la forme, soit dans le sens du mot (mot créé ou altéré, dévié de son sens, impropre) rather than neologisms (Création de mots, de tours nouveaux et introduction de ceux-ci dans une langue donnée). Handle with care.

The Wiktionnaire has a list of such denominal verbs. They are essentially constructed via the noun+er process. However, it is not mandatory, see a previous question, e.g. the construct a+X (terrain name)+ir, which means “to land on X” produced alunir and plus gave plussoir (which is not standard).

Now, as a rule of thumb, noun+-er is certainly good and will almost certainly always be understood, but remember that most of its results would be considered non-standard neologisms (or barabarismes, for standard normative authorities).


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What is the capital of Tunisia?