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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How to transliterate 中文 in Mandarin pronunciation to French?

Probably something like tshongue ouénne if one decided to really go full French on it. The EFEO, a French institute teaching Asian languages, developed a romanisation system for Chinese, and following it, it would be tchong wen. Can’t remember how tones were noted.

If you wanted a way to write 中文 such that native French speakers with no specific training could pronounce it as accurately as possible, I’d suggest djong-ouène. The zh sound of pinyin is very close to French dj.

Here are some alternatives I considered and decided against:

  • zhong-… – the zh would normally be read as z
  • ouenne – the e might be read like a schwa
  • djongouène – written as one word, this might be read djon-gou-ène
  • djong-wenw may be read as v, it’s ambiguous for unknown words

Source: I’m a native French speaker and speak some Mandarin.

On parle ici de la langue chinoise ou du mandarin. En utilisant un outil, j’ai obtenu un résultat fort similaire à celui d’une autre réponse mais sans l’emploi de l’accent : djong-ouenne. Dans l’article Wikipédia, on indique qu’on parle de 普通话 / 普通話, pǔtōnghuà, pour « langue commune », de 国语 / 國語, guóyǔ, de 华语 / 華語, huáyǔ ou même de 汉语 / 漢語, hànyǔ pour toutes les langues de l’ethnie Han; le même outil suggère pou-tong-roua, gou’eau-iu, roua iu et ranne-iu respectivement.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?