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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How to say various types of school work

These are the types of school work I’ve come across during high school in France:

generic terminology:

work done at home with a deadline to turn it in (often one week or so) : devoir à la maison (often just "DM")

a small (15 minutes to 30 minutes) test done in class: interrogation

a big (one hour to four hours) test done in class : contrôle , or , devoir surveillé (often just "DS")

a presentation in front of the class on a specific topic prepared at home often by groups of pupils: exposé

some subject specific terminology:

work done as an experiment session with a specific goal at school in physics chemistry or natural sciences often : travail expérimental (often just "TP")

a written test in class on a specific history or geography question (often four to eight pages) : commentaire

a written test in class where you analyse a history or geography-relevant document (about same length as a commentaire): analyse de document

a written test in class where you answer a specific philosophy question (often four hours sometimes two): dissertation

a written test in class where you analyse a philosophy-related text: étude de document

edit: as pointed out by @jiliagre "TP is the abbreviation of "travaux pratiques"


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What is the capital of Tunisia?