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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How to say “after yesterday” in French?

Après ce qui s’est passé hier” is perfectly correct. If you’re looking for something shorter, you may say “depuis hier”.

The most natural will probably be “comment te sens-tu, après hier”, just like in English. It seems a bit odd to me, I wouldn’t write it down, nor back its correctness, but that may well be what people will understand better while chatting.

I’d argue “depuis hier” is more correct, even though less natural. (“Since what happened yesterday”, is very close to “after what happened yesterday”, when you think about it.)

If you can pronounce “après ce qu’il s’est passé hier” fast enough¹, that’s better, though. That’s “après [sksé] passé hier”, really.

In your sentence “How are you feeling after yesterday?”, after can be time related (as yesterday let suggest) but it also shows causation. Depuis hier is the right phrase to translate the time relation. To translate the causation, you can use à propos d’hier (or pour hier in spoken language). Yet the question then refers only to the feelings about the event, and not if they are better in general.

Comment te sens-tu depuis hier ?
Comment te sens-tu à propos d’hier ?

I’d say:

après la journée d’hier

But I’m not sure if “after yesterday” is a correct english expression.

“après hier” doesn’t ring right for me. One probable cause is that it is too near to “avant-hier” and “après-demain” and thus feel like a failed attempt to say “today”. In “après hier soir” that effect is broken. I’d thus either be more specific about the time or the events (“après ta chute d’hier”).

« Depuis hier » is acceptable, but then the question is about the evolution since yesterday and doesn’t imply at all that the triggering events happened yesterday.

I’d also use “depuis hier” if I don’t want to use “après ce qu’il s’est passé hier”.

Even tough we could think the meaning is different, we never ask that if anything went bad the previous day(s) (so it implies somethings probably happened). So, we hope/expect that the person is felling better.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?