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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How to pronounce correctly?

Being a native speaker of Hindi, you might experience more difficulties with vowels than consonants. Most French consonants have counterparts in Hindi k, g, t, d, n, p, b, m are the same (unaspirated dental series for t, d, n) and others like f and ph have close enough realizations.

French as lots of vowels:

French vowels

You could concentrate on distinguishing (hearing and pronouncing) the front rounded vowels (y, ø, œ) from their usual counterparts (i, e, ɛ) for the front unrounded and (u, o, ɔ) for the back rounded ones. You should also try to find the right amount of nasalization for ɑ̃, ɛ̃ and ɔ̃. Nasalization is similar in French and Hindi but their realization might differ a little. Discriminating between semi-open and semi-closed mid-vowels (e/ɛ, ø/œ, o/ɔ) may not be very important as lots of French speakers say they don’t perceive the difference.

I’m a Duolingo user too.
Duolingo is great, the best tool in my opinion, but you should always have a grammar book and a dictionary while studying on their site.

For the pronunciation, use Forvo, it’s great, don’t trust Google pronunciation.

French pronunciation is not so difficult, it’s rather logical when you know the rules. Can you give an example of a pronunciation you find difficult?
I will edit my question to reply more specifically.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?