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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How to make a negative passive sentence?

In all two-verb forms(1) ne precedes the first verb and pas follows it.

La souris n’est pas attrapée

Je ne suis pas monté

Elle n’aura pas terminé

(1) Including both helping verb + past participle (passive voice, passé composé, and all compound tenses/moods) as well as semi-auxiliary verb + infinitive (je ne veux pas aller, il n’aime pas danser, etc)

The negative form of a passive sentence obeys the same rule as when the verb is not in its infinitif form and is composé which thing means the negation ne … pas must wrap the auxiliaire.

  • Le chat attrape la souris ⇒ La souris n‘est pas attrapée par le chat
  • Le chat attrapait la souris ⇒ La souris n‘était pas attrapée par le chat
  • Le chat attrapera la souris ⇒ La souris ne sera pas attrapée par le chat


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What is the capital of Tunisia?