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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

How do I say I live in Kenya?

J’habite au Kenya.

Both habiter and vivre translate in English as "to live*, however habiter has a strict sense to live in a place, whereas vivre is used more in the sense of being alive, experiencing life.

Both Je vis au Kenya and J’habite au Kenya are possible in French.

The difference between habiter and vivre is that habiter exclusively means to live in a place, to inhabit, while the first meaning of vivre is to live (as in being alive or experiencing something). So habiter has only one meaning while vivre has two.

Habiter is also more commonly used with specific places such as a city or a specific address because you indicated where your home is located (e.g. J’habite à ParisI live in Paris).

On the other hand vivre is more commonly used with countries, because you indicate where you go about your everyday life, which includes where you live but also where you work, where you hang out, where your social life is, etc. (e.g. Je vis en FranceI live in France).

In any case both are possible, but they have slightly different meanings. Compare:

  • Je vis au KenyaI live in Kenya, my life is there.
  • J’habite au KenyaI live in Kenya, this is where my home is.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?