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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Good and simple book series for beginners like Oxford Bookworms series

Here are some options:

  • First French Reader for Beginners Bilingual for Speakers of English, graded French readers tome 1 and tome 2, by Eugene Gotye

  • Aventures canadiennes series by Ian Fraser

  • Petits Contes Sympathiques, by June K. Phillips

La série Easy Readers offre diverses lectures en français simplifié avec quatre niveaux: A, B, C et D.

When I was a younger, French young person, I found the reading of books in the Zanzibar collection (by Milan editions) to be extremely well-written.

I believe that if you are starting to read in French (this is not clear in your question, and I am not familiar with your “Bookworms” / “Dominoes” examples you cite, but I assume you need entry-level French novels), these books would be well suited for you.


Now if you are looking for books that explore stylistic figures that French writers often use, I recommend “Les Sorcières sont N.R.V.” by Yak Rivais:



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What is the capital of Tunisia?