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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

French word for female cat?

Yup, “une chatte” is actually a female cat but is also the lill’ name for… erm, ya know, the sex of a woman.

So, use it carefully!!

It is often avoided if possible, in a way or another, like: Comment va ton chat ? (How is your cat?) as the gender of the cat doesn’t really matter.

Even though, in the appropriate context and with mature people this isn’t necessarily problematic at all. But it remains pretty rare to use the word “chatte” (for the female cat) and could generally feel a bit weird.

Also be careful when using its synonyms, such as:
moule” (mussels)
minou” (a cute little name for a little cat)

JeromeJ answer is perfectly correct.

You can easily understand the context because in english, the problem is exactly the same with dog/bitch.

I guess you wouldn’t ask a male friend « How is your bitch ? », because it will easily be confusing and impolite, but you can ask « How is your dog ? », even with a female dog.

It’s exactly the same with « chat / chatte » in french. We don’t ask to a woman « Comment va ta chatte ? » but we ask « Comment va ton chat ? », even if it’s a female cat.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?