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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

“Fancy” as an adjective

It could be translated into something like sophistiqué, or perhaps chic.

Note the nuance between French and English here – in French, sophistiqué means unnecessarily elaborate (cf. Dictionnaire Littré) whereas in English it does not have this somewhat pejorative connotation. The adjective “fancy” means elaborate, but it also implies that the thing is decorative (and potentially non-functional) or meant to impress (i.e. elaborate beyond what is strictly necessary to make it useful). This is why I feel that sophistiqué could be a good translation.

Edit: And see @Micromégas’ comment about “fancy” implying that the elaborateness of the object in question can even impair its function. The same idea is also conveyed by sophistiqué in the sense explained above.

Fancy is one of those words which doesn’t have only one or even a few equivalents in French. Its translation depends a lot on the word it qualifies and the context. In your cases, I would suggest the following:

  • Une caméra de pointe, (ultra)perfectionnée, sophistiquée*, if it qualifies its performance, or it qualifies its looks, simply une belle caméra
  • Un hotel de luxe, luxueux, chic, élégant

*The French adjective sophistiqué in the sense of sophisticated is sometimes criticized as an anglicism, especially when characterizing technology advancements: “Ces empl. de sophistiqué sont parfois critiqués par les puristes comme américanismes (ou anglicismes).” (TLF)

In more spoken french, “fancy” can be translated by “classe”.

Un hôtel classe, un restaurant classe, un manteau classe, un appartement classe, une soirée classe.

“Classe” is a mix between “classy”, “luxury”, “impressive”. This does not fit the “fancy camera”.

Selon linguee et deepl on peut dire par exemple : hôtel chic, hôtel raffiné, hôtel de luxe, hôtel haut de gamme, hôtel prestigieux, hôtel de charme pour fancy hotel.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?