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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

être flingué meaning

“être flingué” generally means to be exhausted. Note that this is an extremely familiar expression and can’t be used in a professional context (unless you are at ease with your colleagues).

More specifically, “être flingué” can also mean that you are drunk or under the effect of a drug depending on the context.

An example of a use of “être flingué” would be :

“J’ai super mal dormi, je suis flingué

roughly meaning

“I slept really poorly, I’m exhausted

In argot (the French language used by the underworld), a flingue is a gun. Hence, the verb flinguer means “to shoot at someone with a gun”, or “to kill someone with a gun”.

Le terroriste a tenté de fuir, et la police l’a flingué.

Used in familiar usage, it can be used figuratively, and it then means either:

  • to break something

    J’ai tellement joué à la Playstation que j’ai flingué la manette

  • to criticize heavily someone or something or to give a bad rating

    Les professeurs ont tous flingué son travail de fin d’étude.
    Le directeur des ventes a flingué les vendeurs qui n’avaient pas atteint leurs objectifs.

Être flingué is the passive form of the verb and can be used for any of the meanings above.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?