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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

“envisager”, “possibilité”, or “éventuellement”: Which of these three words requires the use of Subjonctif?

I would say possibilité because without it, I would use qu’elle n’a pas vu.

On doit envisager la possibilité qu’elle n’ait pas vu…

On doit envisager qu’éventuellement, elle n’a pas vu…

On doit imaginer la possibilité qu’éventuellement, elle n’ait pas vu…

But I think subjonctif is not required in any case in this exemple, with or without envisager, possibilité, or éventuellement.

Here, the subjonctif is used to denote a possibility. It is generally the meaning of the sentence that necessitates it, not a word in particular.
Here, “envisager”, “possibilité”, and “éventuellement” both means that what is following is only a possibility.

For example in the sentence

Je serais triste qu’elle n’ait pas vu…

Je serais triste are not particular words, but the usage of conditional present denotes the same possibility, hence the subjonctif.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?