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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Does “entre quatre yeux” carry a confrontational connotation, unlike “unter vier Augen” in German?

The phrase is usually used for a face-to-face exchange.

Dictionnaire Historique de la langue française :

en tête à tête, seul à seul.

Grand Larousse :

en particulier, en tête à tête.

But we must consider that when we need to talk to someone face to face we don’t always have nice things to tell them. Therefore the sentence often implies that we are going to reproach them with something. As this cartoon puts it :

Tout le monde connaît les expressions “se parler en face à face” ou “se parler entre quatre yeux”.
Elles signifient souvent la mise en place d’un rapport de force, voire d’une certaine tension.

The definition in the TLF is:

♦ Entre quat’z’yeux (fam.). En privé.

But the sentence given as an example with the use of the verb éreinter clearly states Flaubert intends to villify SAinte-Beuve.

Présentement je m’amuse beaucoup, étant en train d’éreinter mon petit ami Sainte-Beuve dans le silence du cabinet et entre quatre z’yeux (Flaub., Corresp., 1862, p.310).

In my opinion, it mean only that it will be/stay a private exchange. No positive or negative connotation.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?