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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Definition of “ceci fait que”

In this particular construction, faire happens to mean, er… “to mean”, so the expression translates to this means that, which is a commonplace expression in English.

If you wanted to go REALLY literal, you could translate it as this makes it so that.

“Ceci fait que” is an idiom used to connect two statements, explicitly making the one following “ceci/cela fait que” a consequence of the one preceding it, e.g.:

Nous n’avons plus d’argent; ceci fait que nous n’irons pas en vacances cette année.

Which could be translated to:

We no longer have money therefore we won’t go on vacation this year.

It is synonymous with “ce qui fait que”.

Nous n’avons plus d’argent, ce qui fait que nous n’irons pas en vacances cette année.

Think of it as meaning “this has the effect that“, which is almost a literal translation. “Faire” and “have the effect” have the same origin, and the latter is about the only English verb form I can think of that is related to “faire”. (There are lots of English nouns that are related: manufacture (“fait à la main”), feat, etc.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?