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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Confused about when a compound noun needs an article or not

  • Une tasse de sagesse

Here, we are talking about “sagesse” as a resource, something that can be figuratively consumed. No articles are to be used when you are taking “an amount” of something.

  • Une tasse de vin

Same reasoning. Something you can take an amount of → article.

  • Le blanc de la sagesse

Here we are talking about “sagesse” as an idea, thus an article is needed.

  • La tasse de vin

Same as for “une tasse”.

With “X de la Y”, X is contained in Y, so to speak. X is a property or a part of Y.

le blanc de la sagesse

la couleur de la voiture

le bouchon de la bouteille

With “X de Y”, Y is contained in X.

Une tasse de vin

It might not be the most rigorous explanation though.

When you use “la”, it mean you talk about “this”.
When you dont use “la”, you talk about “one of these”.

Like :

This cup = La tasse.
One of these cup = Une tasse.

It’s not literally the translation but it help to understand.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?